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June 2016



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The first game ever to accurately (*) measure your gaming age provides fast paced, simple to control shooting mini games to test your skills.

Crafted so that anyone can pick it up and enjoy it, the game features Triangle Service's CEO, Toshiaki Fujino's nihilistic and surreal humour, and parodies guaranteed to raise a smile upon the face of any fan of the shooting genre. The Steam version, is based on the Shmups Skill Test included in the arcade game "Shooting Love. 2007".

Incidentally, the arcade version is a long running hit, still to be found in arcades across Japan, despite its peers from the same time (2007) all having been long removed. Its arcade sequel, included in "Game Center Love. + Pengo", is also still going strong.

Furthermore, despite having been developed as an 'examination' or training game, the versus play proved exciting enough to create the demand for competitions being held; something of a rarity for a shooting game. The Steam version takes this one step further, adding the ability to play with up to 4 players and new tests (games) too. You can also focus on practice with the newly added ability to choose specific tests.

Of course, no shooting game would be complete without music. 'Mr. Shooting Love Sound', NAOTO returns, but he's not alone: with him we have two guests in the form of Go Sato (of Raiden series fame) and WASi303 from the Psyvariar series.

* accuracy not guaranteed


Founded by Konami alum, Toshiaki Fujino, in 2002, Triangle Service is a small developer with an appreciation for Japanese-style games and is responsible for two of Degica Games previous releases, DELTAZEAL and XIIZEAL. Triangle Service’s development has focused primarily on shoot-’em-up games for arcade and home gaming platforms, and they seek to create top shoot-’em-ups.


  • Keep on your toes with quick-hitting skill challenges
  • Practice individual challenges or go for the randomized test
  • Receive a strict score and “gamer age” based on shooting, dodging, judgement ability and more
  • 1-4 player support
  • Replay support
  • Rockin’ soundtrack sometimes bordering on the bizarre
  • Includes Steam Trading Cards, Achievements, Leaderboards, and Cloud saves


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