Degica acts as a bridge between Japan and the rest of the world. Their goal is to bring quality Japanese games and software to the rest of the world and vice-versa.


Degica Games

Degica aims to find the best Indie Games in Japan and help them find new audiences internationally. Through a partnership with Masaya Games and other Japanese devs and publishers, the Degica Games team has started bringing quality Japanese Indie titles to Steam and other game portals.

Degica Background

Degica is a leading provider of Pan-Pacific digital commerce solutions.They build and manage online businesses for software and game publishers, online retailers and distributors. They specialize in taking Japanese products to International markets and vice versa. Their partners include AVG, RPG Maker, Valve/Steam, Clickteam, Comipo Manga Maker, and Yahoo Japan.



Qualia 3: Multi Agent Promo YouTube

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Awards & Recognition

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    Mitchell Scott
    Business Development

    Mark Conforti
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    Kyle Garvey

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