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23 May 2014



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Labyrinthine Dreams is a short puzzle game about Beth, a young woman who is standing at Death’s Door. After a traumatic childhood and a tough entry into the world of adulthood, she was just starting to take control of her life. However, she is now up against an insidious enemy who threatens to take everything away from her. During what may be her final hours, Beth wanders through important moments in her life while also staying a few steps ahead of the monster who won’t rest until she is no more. Mazes in dreams are said to symbolize the dreamer’s feeling of “being trapped.” As Beth tries to find meaning and strength in her life, players must guide her through a variety of mazes, each with its own twist. The most challenging sections are reserved for confrontations with the monster, who must be outmaneuvered and outwitted to proceed.


After collaborating on the freeware games Master of the Wind and X-Noir, developers Mark Conforti and Rob Glidden went in a very different direction. Returning to an idea they had been kicking around for years, a game set entirely inside a dream, they set out to make a short game that could be given a heavy artistic upgrade in a reasonable time for a manageable cost. An early version that established the story and gameplay, made with bare bones assets, was well received by several online commentators. For the developers, this confirmed the potential of Labyrinthine Dreams as a commercial project. After a successful Kickstarter campaign raised approximately $6,000, the pair recruited artists, a composer and voice actors to truly bring the story to life. The result took many months to finish but the overhaul of the project has helped it reach its full potential.


  • A unique and emotionally powerful story with vivid characters and potent real-world themes. Labyrinthine Dreams is a tale of loss, struggle and perseverance. Beth’s story will be familiar to anyone who has ever fought against huge odds to make a dream come true.
  • A variety of mazes which challenge players while complementing the narrative. Each set against a beautiful backdrop, the mazes are the core of the gameplay and mirror Beth’s journey in their own way. A steady difficulty curve and constant variety ensure that navigating these mazes never gets old.
  • Gorgeous artwork that brings the surreal world of Beth’s unconscious to life. Whether it’s a lush forest filled with strange medical imagery, a spectacular castle resting on a cloud, or the striking void where the monster lurks, the art of Labyrinthine Dreams will treat players to a unique vision.
  • A captivating original score from Joel Steudler. With its character leitmotifs and lush orchestral sound, the music sets a beautiful, melancholy mood.
  • Voice acting that drives home the story’s emotion. Beth, her mysterious father, and loveable goof Artie are given strong personality by the game’s cast of vocal performers.


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