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18 September 2015



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ESCHATOS (Greek for "the extreme" or "the last") is a vertical shooting game designed for high tempo thrills! A mysterious alien invasion called "Purple Erosion" threatens to invade Earth. Using your advanced space fighter, you must repel the invasion and recapture the Moon. There are three different weapons to choose, and you'll need to use them effectively to defeat an armada of UFOs and other strange enemies before they blast you to pieces! The scoring system is simple and intuitive - destroy enemies as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, mastering this is extremely difficult as enemies move very quickly themselves! The dynamic camera system creates a sense of exhilarating speed as you explore 5 beautiful stages, including Earth's orbit and the alien moon base. The music of ESCHATOS is awesome - Yasui Yousuke's amazing FM-synth soundtrack will have you reaching to turn up the volume. Modern features and graphics blend with classic gameplay to create a game with timeless appeal and massive fun factor. It's a retro homage that does it just right.


Founded in 1999, Qute Ltd. handles the development, sales, and management of software and services. We're best known for the release of ESCHATOS and GINGA FORCE on the Xbox 360.


  • Multiple game modes and enjoyable difficulty settings for all levels of player skill. Choose from Original, Advanced, or Time Attack modes.
  • Intuitive and fun scoring system with a high skill ceiling! Scramble to wipe out the enemy waves as quickly as possible in Original mode, manage risk and reward in the challenging Advanced mode, and outrun the time limit in Time Attack mode. High score chasers are welcome!
  • Multiple weapons add strategic depth. The Front Shot is powerful, but has a limited firing angle. The Wide Shot can hit many enemies, but has short range. Finally, the Shield can inflict heavy damage and deflect bullets - but at perilously close range! Utilize all of them to get the best results, and don't let the enemies get away!
  • The dynamic camera system creates a sense of exhilarating speed as you explore space in 5 beautiful stages, including Earth's orbit and the alien moon base.
  • Encounter massive bosses. Battle screen-filling UFOs and other strange foes!
  • Check out the top players on the online leaderboards, or share your best run with a friend using the downloadable replay system!
  • Turn up the volume and enjoy a phenomenal retro-synth soundtrack composed by Yousuke Yasui!
  • Steam achievements are supported.


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