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16 May 2014



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A-Train 9 is a 3D railway development/city simulator created by Artdink.

Ready to forge your railway empire? The English version of A-Train 9, the latest PC installment to the acclaimed series, has finally reached Steam! In this 3D simulation game, you'll take control of a fledgling railway company on a quest to amass a fortune and develop a bustling metropolis!

This latest installment of the A-Train series is loaded with new features, such as upgraded graphics, enhanced camera controls, trucks and buses, power management, and more! The ten pre-made scenarios will put your management skills to the test, and the refined map editor will enable you to forge the city of your dreams from scratch - terrain and all! With its vast array of options and challenges, A-Train 9 will offer you an enormous amount of freedom. Are you up for the task?


The award-winning A-Train series is an outlet for city simulation fans and train enthusiasts alike. Since 1985, Artdink has created 17 entries in the series, each building upon the last while honing the proven formula. Originally released in 2010, A-Train 9 was localized in Europe as The Train Giant in 2012. And now, in 2014, the English version of A-Train 9 has finally reached Steam! We are also setting up exclusive forums and wikis for these in-depth gaming experiences as we look forward to future installments in the series!


  • Upgraded Graphics: The 3D graphics from A-Train 8 have been improved, making this the most visually advanced game in the series to date!
  • Enhanced Camera Controls: Follow your trains and take beautiful panoramic shots of your creations unlike ever before! Many of the shots in the trailer above were taken from the in-game controls that will be at your fingertips!
  • Trucks & Buses: Trains are no longer alone! Use these new inclusions to more efficiently transport materials and customers.
  • Power Management: A-Train 9 adds a new wrinkle to the formula with power plants! Your city will require power, but excessive power is wasteful. Your options for supplying power are considerable: solar arrays, nuclear reactors, and tidal plants are all available!
  • New Structures: You'll have access to a variety of new structures, including wind turbines and ancient Japanese castles. Your cities will look more diverse and alive than ever before!


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